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Food Allergies

Did you know that food allergies affect only a small percentage of the population? People often mistake a food intolerance for a food allergy, but they are quite different.

Q. What causes an allergic reaction to foods?

A. When the body's immune system responds abnormally to certain substances, typically proteins, it can react by producing hives, swelling of the throat, vomiting, and anaphylactic shock.

Q. Can you cure a food allergy?

A. No. The only way to "treat" food allergies is to avoid that certain food altogether.

Q. What type of oil is used in the manufacturing of Planters products?

A. Soybean Oil/ Peanut Oil

Q. What is the origin of Planters Peanuts?

A. United States

Q. What is the average expected shelf life of Planters Products?


  • Composite Canisters: 9 - 12 months
  • Metal Cans: 18 months
  • Glass Jars: 18 months
  • Ziplock Bags: 9 - 12 months
  • Small Bags: 9 - 12 months
  • Plastic Tubs / Carousels: 6 months

Q. Where is the product manufactured?

A. Planters products are made at Johnvince Foods. Ltd.,555 Steeprock Drive, Toronto, ON, M3J 2Z6

Q. How can I find out where certain Planters products are sold in Canada?

A. If you are interested in where to buy certain Planters product in Canada, please email us at here or write us at Johnvince Foods. Ltd.,555 Steeprock Drive, Toronto, ON, M3J 2Z6.

Q. Why are Planters products in Canada different than those sold in the United States?

A. Planters Canada, apart from Planters in the United States, is responsible for developing products to specially meet the needs of consumers in Canada.

Just in case you know anyone with a peanut allergy, we've put together some helpful tips:

Avoid, Aware, Educate, Prepare!

And there you have it. The four keys to successful peanut allergy management. The only thing missing is you!

In a nutshell, here's what you need to know.

Avoiding peanuts isn't as easy as we'd all like to think. But, have no fear, Mr. Peanut is here to help you out.

For more information: Peanut Bureau of Canada.